Licensing Information

There are currently two types of licence you can purchase directly from this website, domain licences or server licences. Read on for descriptions of each. For developers, Upload ease will work without restriction on the "localhost" (IP, so there is no need to "buy before you try", although you will need to register in order to download the software. For other licence types, such as web farms, source licences, re-branding etc., please contact

Note that in all cases, the owner of the licence should be the owner of the domain or server for which the licence is obtained.

Licences remain valid for the major version (e.g. 1.x, 2.x, 3.x) of the software they were obtained with, which means you may freely obtain and use updates of that version with your existing licences for that version, whether they be bug fixes or additional features and enhancements (or both). Upgrades from one major version of the software to the next major version can be obtained at 50% of the original licence purchase price (please contact for upgrades).


As mentioned above, the software will work without limitation where the upload target is the local computer ("localhost", IP Once registered you may download the software and begin developing and integrating immediately. For trial development or demonstration licences on private or public networks please contact

Domain Licences

A domain licence licenses the software for uploads to a specific domain, usually the domain of the hosting website. This is most commonly used by website owners who enjoy the convenience Upload ease affords them. Domain licences do not extend to subdomains, with the one exception being the "www" sub-domain. For example, a domain licence for "" would extend to "" but not "". Domain licences are priced at $99 (AUD inc. GST where applicable) per licence.

Server Licences

A server or IP licence licenses the software for uploads to a particular server with a specified IP address. In this case the server must be the destination for the upload, not a load balancer or similar (see above regarding web farm and other licences). This licence is intended for those who own servers hosting multiple websites that would benefit from the software, or web hosts who would like to offer the software to its clients as a bonus for using their hosting. Server/IP licences are priced at $495 (AUD inc. GST where applicable) per licence.