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Upload ease currently uses a self-signed certificate to allow it to read the files on your computer (in order to upload them). You may be asked to accept this certificate by your browser, which you will need to do to run this demo.

Once running, this demo will allow you to upload up to 10 files each of 2MB or less in size. This is only a restriction of the demo and not the software in general, which can be easily configured as necessary on a per application basis. This demo shows:

When you click the "Upload" button on the uploader the files you have selected will be uploaded to our server and a report generated, detailing the file names, sizes, notes, MD5 hash, etc. Once the report is generated it will be shown in your browser. Non JPG/JPEG files will be uploaded as ".gz" files, denoting that they have been compressed using GZIP (JPG/JPEG files are excluded from compression as part of the demo). Uploaded image files are kept on the server for a short time to allow you to see the text and image watermarking, but are not accessible to others due to them being uniquely named on upload.

If you upload image files you will notice that a thumbnail version is also generated, and that the uploaded size of the original image may be smaller (if your image was larger than 400x300 pixels the demo is configured to automatically scale it down).

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Example form

The fields on this form will be sent with the uploaded files and are for demonstration purposes only.

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